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We put together an entire identity package for hip-hop infused EDM artist, RSK. Through this project we learned the difference in perspective that it takes to design an identity for a public image. The package consists of a logo, a social identity campaign, promo stickers, business cards, merchandise, and a custom USB drive.


The Public Image

RSK is an international artist who fuses the soul and rhythm of hip-hop with the spirit of electric dance. The Middle Eastern Royalty mainstream music is missing, he will be introducing a new sound from a foreign world that will transcend expectations and expand imaginations. From the streets of Lebanon, to the riches of Dubai, with the heart of Houston, RSK is a player so ahead of his time.


RSK showcases the dream. A world of positivity, unity, wealth, class, acceptance, travel and indulgence in the beauty life has to offer. He strives to translate the success of his hard work through the energy and hype of his music to universalize his pursuit and ideals while sharing them with the world. Your fantasies are his reality.

The Identity

The logo that we came up with is a custom typographic solution comprised of arabic influence. The flow of the lettering was intended to be smooth and refined. The points on the end of the extenders and the cut in the K is meant to add a calligraphic handwritten feel. The diamond or gem icon was added to interact with the type and represent the base of the R.

The diamond or gem icon also hints at the luxurious lifestyle of living in Dubai, and can be used as a stand alone visual. We used the negative space to double as a lightning bolt to add the enegery found in his music.

The Business Cards

For the business cards we went with an off black card stock with an embossed pattern, and a gold shimmer for the print. We also decided to add a gold lining around the edge of the cardstock.

The Stickers

We laid out three different sticker designs, two with two different color ways. The general stickers are to create brand awareness and all of them inlcude a call to action directing people to the website. The specialty sticker is an illustration of RSK’s dog, MJ.

The Merchandise

As a revenue stream, most artist sell merchandise at their shows and online. Well, we put together a traditional line of merchandise for RSK to sell as merch, but we also laid out specs for a higher-end line of products that could be released as a stand alone line with RSK’s endorsement.

The USB Drive

We came up with this idea of being able to custom mold the diamond or gem icon into holding a USB Drive. We thought it would be a huge value add for his public image and identity to carry around a pocket full of diamonds, gems, and rubys at all times. Therefore, he could share his riches with his peers, and by riches, we mean usb drives of unreleased tracks.