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Ocean Outpost

Ocean Outpost is a deep sea fishing performance wear and outdoor apparel company. They came to us with a plan of creating a lifestyle based clothing company with the ambition of growing the company to rival Salt Life, Guy Harvey, and other major competitors. 4 months later we launched Ocean Outpost, and introduced it to the industry. The goal for this project was to create an entire identity package to serve as the foundation of the company’s image, and to design and develop a fully functioning responsive online ecommerce solution

The Identity

With any project, there are adaptive elements and variables that require you to adjust your solution. We ran into a legal setback when designing the identity of what once was Beyond The Blue. So, we pivoted and changed the company name to Ocean Outpost.

Ocean Outpost Logo

The logo is a custom typographic solution to capture the characteristics of the company and it’s focus. If you look close, there are infused elements within the lettering that subliminally evoke the feeling captured by the viewer.

Ocean Outpost Ballyhoo Icon
Ocean Outpost Ballyhoo Icon

The ballyhoo was chosen to be the icon of the identity because it is the most widely used form of bait when it comes to deep sea fishing. We wanted to associate that with Ocean Outpost being the bait that feeds your salt water craving.

The Website

We were tasked with designing and developing an ecommerce platform that would serve as Ocean Outpost’s primary source of sales. The solution is a fully responsive custom theme developed for WordPress. It is using WooCommerce for the storefront functionality, Authorize.net for the payment gateway, and less for compiling the CSS.

Upon reviewing competitors websites, we found that most of them were using design layouts that stuck the viewers underwater. This gave the user an uneasy feeling that translated as drowning in the content of the page.

We took this into consideration when developing the user flow as we were designing the layout of the website. We came up with a really cool way to use a wave as a divider of above and below the water. We used these sections to create more of an adventurous appeal while emulating the catch of a fish to the catch of content by pulling single page, post, and product pages to display their content above the water.