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5 Star Vintage

5 Star Vintage is an online retailer specializing in one-off deadstock vintage apparel. They strive to provide the treasured articles of clothing from the early 80’s and 90’s that spark a nostalgic recollection. Their products are spread across the entire vintage spectrum, from suave pull-overs, to classic team jerseys, all popular brand names of the eras. Our primary task was taking their bigcartel website to a stand alone solution. We also took the opportunity to revisited the identity.

The Identity

So, we took the opportunity to rework the identity of 5 Star Vintage. We decided to go with more of a patch style logo, as it better fit the vintage era. The typography is custom to cater to the characteristics of the company. If you look closely, you’ll find subtle associations with the beginning letters forming a clothing hanger, and the yellow accents highlighting five points of a star.

We wanted the colors to be vibrant and really capture your attention, but not overwhelm you to the point of seisures or an acid trip. It took a lot of fine tuning with this project to get that overall modern vintage approval.

5 Star Vintage Sticker
5 Star Vintage Sticker
5 Star Vintage Sticker
5 Star Vintage Stickers

We came up with three different color ways for stickers to be printed. The stickers are to be used to hand out with orders and guerilla marketing efforts to generate brand awareness.

5 Star Vintage Venice Photo Shoot 5 Star Vintage Venice Photo Shoot 5 Star Vintage Venice Photo Shoot 5 Star Vintage Venice Photo Shoot

These are a few photos from a photo shoot that we did down in Venice to gather assets. We had generate original photos to use as visual identifies for the categories on the website. We also used these photos as assets to create a cohesive social media presence, along with material for digital advertisement campaigns.

The Website

We were tasked with designing and developing a stand alone ecommerce solution for 5 Star Vintage that would give the users a more unique cohesive experience than their current bigcartel website. WordPress was used as the CMS (Content Management System). Woocommerce was used to supply the storefront functionality. Stripe was chosen to handle credit/debit transactions. Sass was used to compile the styles.

5 Star Vintage Website

We took somewhat of a calculated risk with the user flow of the website. In an attempt to expand the identity and experience of the user, we decided not to have a traditional navigation. Instead, we tried to digitally emulate the physical process of searching for vintage collectables as one would in a store.

As a result, it played into the lifestyle of the target demographic, boosted time spent on the site per user, and created a dynamic product browsing that transaltes to sales.