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Realeyez Apparel

Realeyez Apparel was created as an outlet of personal expression. It originated as a platform, a stage, to be able to perform for the people while orchestrating the influence from behind the scenes. In the beginning, it was a social experiment to engage interaction and measure influence through the non-verbal canvas of a t-shirt, but quickly grew into an evolution of expression far beyond. Realeyez Apparel was not created for notoriety, praise, glory, fortune, or fame. However, Realeyez Apparel is the influential factor found in all of those. Realeyez Apparel is a medium to a mind-set, a mentality; One that holds a voice deep down in the roots of our core principles. We are the microphone to that voice.

Realeyez Apparel Logo

The Identity

The basis of establishing Realeyez Apparel is to evoke an evolution of expression, and that is the essence of the identity of the company. There are two stand alone logo marks, one iconic, and one typographic.

Realeyez Apparel Combat Logo

The Combat logo is the iconic mark. It's the "R" symbol shown above. If you closely, you can spot the remnants of the three most prominent punctuation marks, all molded into a symbolic realization (real-eyez-n-ation) or "R". The symbol is the outlier of the ideology that make up the identity.

The four step process is as followed...

Evolution Of Expression Logo

Can you see it? A statement is heard. An expression is found. A question is aked, and at that point, a realization (real-eyez-n-ation) is found.

Realeyez Apparel Pledge

The Pledge

We've adopted a revised variation of the pledge of allegiance to use as our mission statement and constant reminder of our role in the movement. It goes as followed...

I pledge allegiance to this lifestyle and who is real for which they stand, one culture, under none, unstoppable, with Realeyez to realize it all.

The Website

We were tasked with the ongoing design and development of a stand alone ecommerce solution that would give the users a more unique cohesive experience inline with the identity of the company. WordPress was used as the CMS (Content Management System). Woocommerce was used to supply the storefront functionality. Stripe was chosen to handle credit/debit transactions. Sass was used to compile the styles.

Realeyez Apparel Website

The Realeyez Record

For The Record

We orchistrated a publicity stunt at Magic Marketplace to stimulate word of mouth and kickstart brand awareness. The idea was to create a newspaper publication, The Realeyez Record, dress up as 1920’s paperboys and hit the floor, bellowing headlines to sell a statement.

The Realeyez Record Paperboys

We used the paper as an extended introduction outlining the history of the company while using propaganda themed adds to sell each product.